I am not a fashion blogger! But at this moment in time, I am a woman I admire and love. I didn't always love myself, so it's been quite the journey.

I'm a nurturer at heart, so if you visit my home, I will probably feed you, a lot. I value my Latina roots and yes, Yaya is my nickname. 

My all-time favorite quote: "I would rather work hard every single day of my life than to ever give a man the power to say "You wouldn't have that if it wasn't for me."

And did you know the names SEVENTH AND CHERRY are the street intersections where I grew up?

I believe age should never define you. Confidence is empowering. Classy is the only way. An intelligent woman is sexy; a wise woman is sexier. And no matter what, a sense of humor should be always required.



I'm the woman in the photo, ripped shirt and allI'm imperfect. I'm flawed. I make mistakes. I fall. As you will see throughout the year as my blog evolves. 

My Faith and Family have the greatest influence in my life. My Style rarely matches and generally reflects my mood. Travel, Food, Culture and the City seem to have a big impact in what I do now. And yes, even dating makes the cut. I hope you enjoy my musings as I write my way through life.

Welcome to Seventh and Cherry, a place where my mind lets loose and my fingers do the talking. Literally!

As cliché as it all sounds—because I know it does—life is insanely short, live it well, or it will definitely outlive you.