As strong—a woman—as I am, even I struggle in doing some things alone. A strong woman isn't suppose to have inhibitions, we're strong and we can do anything, right?

Wrong! That's what the outside world wants you to believe. And in part, it's our fault because that's the perception "strong women" give.

I'M NO FEMINIST! In fact, I despise that word. But I am tough and as tough as I am I, too, have my weaknesses.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot we (strong women) can do, but I'd venture to say that we are more fragile than we are willing to admit.

So I came up with a list of 7 things that—may or may not scare a strong woman—but to me, they're things that every woman should do, on her own, at least once in her lifetime:

  1. Take yourself out to lunch/dinner: This is something I struggle with personally. Why? Well... heaven forbid someone see me sitting in a booth, flying solo and ordering for one—sounds so dumb, I know—but it's true. And here's the kicker! No one cares; it's all in my head. 

  2. Go to a movie alone: This is something I've actually done a few times already. And I enjoy it every time. 

  3. Take a quick trip or mini vacation: This isn't hard to do, this is more about making time to do it. Many of us live such busy lives these days; we forget to stop and rest. How hard is it to unplug and get away? It's not! Even if it's a weekend trip, make time to go.

  4. Fix a flat tire: Before you say no, think about it. Being a woman is more fun than you think but breaking a nail, every now and then, it's somewhat empowering. I don't think there's anything sexier than a beautiful, classy woman who can pump her own gas, repair a flat tire or check the oil gauge in her car—not fun to do but it is life—know your basics.

  5. Ask a man out on a date: This made me smile. And it also opened my eyes. (...but I'll leave it there for now because this topic deserves a post on its own.)

  6. Explore the city you live in: I'm fortunate enough to live in a city that is filled with anything I want. Truth be told, so are you! Regardless of where you live, embrace and explore it. If you live in a small town, travel to the nearest city. There isn't anything you can't research on the internet. Pick a day, find your destination, google fun facts about that particular place and enjoy the day—alone. 

  7. Engage conversation with a younger man: I've never been an advocate of dating younger men—nothing against a young guy—it's just not my preference. I know this sounds cliche´ but there is nothing more refined than a mature man. And believe it or not, even some men in their 30's... are boys. However, there is something a bit empowering in holding conversation with a man who is younger than you. In a way, these are life's little sparkles that keep us young at heart. And if you spark more than conversation, maybe go on a date or two. Stop overthinking it and just go—at the end of the day, it's just dinner.