When people visit, when they walk into my home, I want their first impression to say:

"This is who she is..."

I want my home to look elegant and beautiful, yet feel cozy and comfortable. I want people to want—to kick off their shoes and lay on my sofa's, hug my pillows, and use my throws. I want you to feel the warmth of what it's about. You see, I don't care how beautiful the material things in my home are—I have a home, not a house—and I want that vibe to reflect it.

HOMES say to people: Welcome, come on in... Are you hungry? Let me feed you. Get comfortable. Grab a glass, there's wine on the counter or if you'd prefer tea and coffee, I have that too; even chocolate milk —which by the way I always have stocked. A home is a place where people smile.

HOUSES tell people: Welcome. I'm beautiful. I may feel expensive, so cautious. Take off your shoes because my floors can be scuffed. Don't sit on the sofa, it's new. Don't ruffle my cushions, they've been fluffed. Don't touch, just look. Enjoy, but be wary; for a house is just a house; it's a foundation with walls that holds pretty things. But it isn't a home.

Stay tuned for more of INSIDE MY HOME.