I took this photo, a few weeks ago, of my beautiful white flowers.  At the time, they sat in my bedroom, next to the window with the most sun. Fresh flowers have a way of making people smile for no reason; natural beauty has that affect.

Beautiful flowers thrive in light because they feed off its goodness. And as beautiful as they are, they're not complicated, they're simple.

Like some women.

Next to my flowers was the cactus that sits in my home too.

A cactus, equally beautiful, in its own right, is also a sight for sore eyes. And at first glance it intrigues you. 

But beware!

As beautiful as it is, if you touch it, it pricks you.

Like some women do.

Its needles are made with delicate piercing spines, and even though you know it will sting, you touch it anyway.

Why is that men? 

Why do men fall prey to the cactus even when they are fully aware of the consequences?

Hindsight, I can't really tell you why I took this photo. Maybe it was the beauty of the flowers, or both, or maybe subconsciously I saw beyond that. 

But as I look at the photo now, these two beautiful plants reminded me of women.

Beautiful, gorgeous women are a dime-a-dozen these days. Short, tall, thin, curvy, you name it, they're everywhere. Unfortunately for some, as pretty as they are, their ugly hearts prick the best of them. 

Listen up men, because I'm about to show you the difference. 

It's simple math!

And it's called division.

You ready?

Divide the good with the bad, rid the negative, carry over the good, and you don't get stung.

Pretty simple, right? 

Good job. [clapping hands]

Proverbs 31-30 says: "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting..." 

When you learn to distinguish the difference between inner beauty and charm, you strike gold.

And yet, day in and day out, you choose those piercing spines; the charm and the beauty of the prickly cactus.

You get stung by the temptation and blinded by the eye.

Oh dearest men, you make your beds and you pick your poison. Then you have the audacity to categorize all women as "crazy". 

Learn the difference.