I've always said, and I will always say it. I strongly dislike the word "feminist". I don't consider myself a feminist; I never will, but I am a strong-willed woman and very independent. It takes a lot to bring me down—and while I'm not claiming to be invincible—I will tell you; it really does take a lot.

Don't get me wrong, while I do require strength within myself; I do love to be pampered, who doesn't? And even though I am a strong woman, I have no problem bringing down my walls with the right man.

Alpha women know what they want and how to get it. They're extremely focused, but flexible too. For an alpha-woman, it's not about being "the man"—that's a feminist! 

An alpha woman knows her strengths and her weaknesses; and embraces both. She's a tough one—but inside—she shares a little bit of softness with that strength. 

It’s not that a strong, alpha female is high maintenance, her standards are simply high; and why is that a bad thing? Believe it or not, strong women even apply standards on themselves, not just on men. 

Alpha women are perfectionists. They care about their passion, their career, their appearance, to name a few, but too much of this can be our downfall.

Dating can be tough too, for a strong woman. Finding the right man can sometimes seem impossible because she's expects a lot. It takes a very special man to understand a strong woman. He has to be wise, and secure within himself to find the "real" her. A strong woman is often seen as intimidating—I can see that—however she wants the same things any other woman wants, respect, compassion and love. If you happen to find yourself a man who understands this, and still wants you, that's an amazing rarity.

Having to prove ourselves, as I'm doing now, is also another downfall. And exhausting at that.

While it may seem contradictory, alpha women sometimes get caught up in sending the wrong impression, They're mislabeled as being a bitchy. Now, I'm not saying some strong women aren't bitch(y), but that's not the case for all strong women. In fact, sometimes we care too much.

Overall, loving a woman whose strength is her greatest attribute, is a good thing; you simply have to be a man brave enough to walk through the storm to find her. You have to chance, the chance, to find out.