I saw a quote today that read: 

"Do the things that come easy for you, those are your true strengths." 

And that couldn't be further from the truth! You see, things that come easy, don't last.

A woman who is easy isn't worthy. She's short-lived and as quickly as you get her, you let her go. How easy is it to sleep in because you don't feel like going to work? To tell a lie because it makes you feel better. Or eat that cheeseburger when no one is watching.

EASY doesn't define TRUE STRENGTH. 

Strength is measured by the things that challenge you. The things that make your heart pulse, your face sweat, and your adrenaline pump. Dedication to the struggle, now that's strength.

Do you want to lose weight? Don't just workout, EAT HEALTHIER. Anyone can do 1 hour at the gym but it's what you put on your plate, the next 23 hours, that's hard.

If you want to find the love of your life? Stop picking the easy ones. A good woman—if you find it difficult to get her attention—is a great challenge.

If you're in a marriage, where love exists, but nothing seems to go right, don't quit. Divorce is easy. 50 years of marriage, now that's hard work.  

The bigger the challenge, the harder you fall. The harder you fall the more you learn. True strength is defined, not by what comes easy, but rather by that—which makes you work.

"Chop your own wood & it will warm you twice." You get it, I know you do...