Today feels blah...

It's pouring rain; it has been all day and night. The weather feels cool and breezy with a little hint of fall. It seems as if though the seasons want to change but they're not quite there yet. So we wear sweaters, with no pants (hence photo) because we're so confused.

The kind of day when you wake up in the morning—happy—and as quick as you stretch, it all comes back to you. And just like that, you realize the night before wasn't quite what you had planned, or expected. And so the story goes... 


Why is it that we, women, trust so easy? 

We let people in our heart and then we watch them hurt us.

Have you ever had a guy friend, a good friend that you loved so much you would do anything for?

He's your go-to. Your best friend. The one person you turn to when something good happens, when you need to laugh or cry, when you just need to vent, or when you want to talk about stupid things on television or social media.

He's the one you call just to hear his voice because you miss him when you don't talk

And as intriguing and amazing as his invite was, we laughed about it. I wished him well and he took off. 

Last night I found out this particular trip was actually a getaway—maybe even a romantic one—with his ex-girlfriend/fiancé. 

Tell the truth in the beginning and you won't have to explain yourself in the end. Because one lie can ruin a thousand truths and a thousand lies can ruin a friendship.

Now I'm left to wonder if anything he ever said was true.

I'm not anyone to cast stones. But what I do know is this: who I keep in, who I allow inside and who I trust is something I need to re-evaluate.


This is why I'm single too; private and very guarded. If a good friend can hurt you with lies, a lover can do more damage; and that is a damage I can live without! 

Needless to say, it stumped me. And even though I've seen the red flags in other situations, I never saw that one coming.

Nevertheless, his behavior never really affected me because we were just friends, great friends who were suppose to be honest and tell each other the truth. At least that's what I thought. 

He and I talk about the men in my life—I tell him everything—so it truly left me confused. Why couldn't he give me the same respect and tell the truth? About everything and anything.

Why do men do this to good women... lie? 

And the one "I" call when my non-existent love life fizzles or when I need 'men' advice—he always knows what to tell me.

As time goes by, you began to maybe feel a little something, in the pit of your gut, and you know he does too. But you also know you can't so you let it play out, as if nothing.

Well I do! 

And as much as I adore him, he's not flawless. I know that. I'm flawed myself. It's part of being human. But if there's one thing I despise most, even with friends, it's a lie. And here lately, it's been lie after lie after lie.

Why lie when you have no reason to lie?

A while back, he took a trip, outside of Texas; and at the time, I was so happy for him. He told me he was going with friends. And I know how hard he works... so to get away, just for a few days, was a blessing.

I remember telling him I'd go with him the next time around, as he jokingly suggested I jump on a plane and go with him. "I'll show you a good time in the city" he said.