I'd be lying if I told you I own nothing expensive. At some point in time, I think we've all made those ridiculous splurges. And as crazy as it sounds, it's a bit of a thrill, I won't lie.

Countless images on Instagram, alone, show you that women—fashion bloggers especially—live this extravagant lifestyle—whether it's real or not, whether they own their outfits, they're borrowed or rented—they do. And the sad reality to it all is that middle America—also known as the people buying the products—believe the hype.  

Guess, what? It's just hype.

Take this grey hoodie for example. At first glance, what you and I see is an old sweatshirt, ripped up and in pretty bad condition. Right?

Would you believe me if I told you it retails for $790.

That's right, seven-hundred & ninety dollars. (click the image if you don't believe me) 

It makes you wonder—at least it does me—what, designer, Elyse Walker is thinking when she prices her clothes.

I wonder if she laughs?

NONETHELESS, PEOPLE ARE BUYING! Fashion bloggers are Instagramming and you—my dear friends—are buying the bull. What is wrong with us? At what point did we become so gullible and dumbed-down, that we're willing to pay $790 for a beat-down hoodie, when in fact, no one else cares.

Join me throughout the next few months as I begin a series called "WHERE I SHOP". Because it doesn't take skill to dress nice, it takes a little practice. Don't break the bank, to look like everyone else!