You know what they say... "One man's trash is another man's treasure." ...and I concur, except for the word trash. Trash is no indication of what someone else is willing to part ways with; but it is a metaphor and metaphor's are about the message, not the words.

About 2 weeks ago I found Poshmark; and before you say anything, yes I know, Poshmark may not be new to you... but it is to me. And for those that haven't a clue (as I did prior to two weeks go) Poshmark—in a nutshell—is an online boutique where people sell items from their closets—hmm? So I decided to visit this little niche and I ended up loving so much, I joined it.

In addition to Ebay, Etsy and my very own store, Closet Detox, you can now shop my closet through Poshmark too. 

As I mentioned, I'm fairly new to Poshing so I'm still learning the ropes, not to mention that it is a time-consuming project so please bare with me as I upload items daily, literally. Most days I'm up passed midnight taking photos and uploading but I don't mind, it's a process very well worthy.

So please take the time to stop by and visit. Feel free to follow me as well, I don't bite, I promise. The perks of a follow means you get notified and updated with any of my new listings. And if you want to get even saucier, make an offer or take the purchase. You will not be disappointed with anything I sell. Most of my items are rarely used, used once and some even new, with tags.

C'mon on over and check it out. click here...