The most simplest of questions, at times, also happen to be the hardest to answer. Giving advice to other women, empowering other women, leading other women, it all comes easy for me.

Talking about myself, my accolades, my own beauty—all prove to be a bit more challenging.  


Is the number one thing I cringe to answer. Even during photo shoots and private meetings—when it's a one-on-one situation—I turn my face, I leave the room, I do whatever I can to avoid talking about myself. But I do it in such a subtle way, that it almost justifies my movements. Another words, you will never know I'm uncomfortable. 

I mean, who knows me better than me, right?

And in this day and time, most people love talking about themselves, so how hard can it really be, right? 


It's difficult, at least it is for me. And yes, maybe that's something I need to work on but I've never said I was good at everything. So there's definitely, always, room for improvement.

Whether I'm working a photo shoot, sitting in an interview, speaking with a group or even something as simple as a first date—for some reason my mind goes in a thousand directions when I'm thrown that question. But one thing I can tell you about myself is this: If you ever put me on the spot with words, depending on what it is, you may stump me for a second, but you will never know it because my actions and body language will never show you. 


It's an instantaneous action that speaks volumes about your personality, your attitude, your mind frame, in that moment.

When someone asks you to talk about yourself—before saying a single word—give your mind a few seconds to catch up with your mouth. Relax, assume the position and never let them see you sweat. Most importantly, give complete eye contact, even if no words are coming out of your mouth.


The words you use are important too but for some reason people seem to think that a big vocabulary makes for great conversation—and while that may be the case in some situations—it's not necessary. Throwing down big words isn't going to impress anyone, especially if your body language doesn't coincide with the words coming out of your mouth. Don't use words that you wouldn't typically use in normal conversation—just be you. Believe it or not, people can see right through it.


Lastly, talking too long or too much about yourself can kill a conversation, a mood, a lecture, or an interview. Say what you have to say, keep it short, make it fast and stay brief.

3 STEPS...

Pretty simple, isn't it? And it works for me—because you will never catch me off guard. And you shouldn't be caught either!