Call me weird but I can look at random things and immediately gain inspiration. 

One day, while playing with my dog, I got to staring at a tennis ball she demolished. For some reason, it reminded me of women and how they rip each other apart.

I've been scrolling the aisles of social media as far back as 2007.

Of course back then, we didn't really know Twitter and a few other internet playgrounds—not to say they weren't around—they simply weren't a household name like they are today. 

A lot has changed since then.

We've been introduced to a social phenom that has completely transformed this generation. It's such a powerful movement that even past generations have jumped on board. 

Even my mom—an old school baby boomer—has a Facebook & Twitter account. And I wouldn't be surprised if she starts Instagram soon. Go mom!

Nevertheless, social media is a big part of this world and I don't think it's going anywhere. In fact, it's evolving every day. But as wonderful as it all sounds, it does have its drawbacks. Some worse than others but today I want talk about a specific drawback: WOMEN!

If we lived in a perfect world—women would stand united.

We would support each other and fight for one another.

We would congratulate other successful women and inspire those who need motivation.

We would empower one another and embrace each other...

BUT... we don't live in a perfect world and sadly, social media has, in a way, derailed this train into a big ball of cutthroat, mean-spirited women.  


Why is it that women can't be happy for other women?

And maybe I should say some women.

For some reason, social media has helped escalate the so-called catty inspiration.

In turn, some of the most beautiful females around have turned into ugly human beings. 

Don't be part of the statistic.

Walk away from things in your life that serve no purpose for you; jealousy and envy being two of the biggest. And I will be the first to tell you...


One of the greatest feelings ever is when you can stand in your own skin, no matter what you look like, and applaud another woman.

Be her!

The woman who is confident enough to stand up and clap for her sisters.