Every single day I wake up sore. I workout 4 times, maybe 5, a week and I give myself no breaks. Not even today with this nasty head cold I'm fighting. I have to be tough on myself. I'm not getting younger and I have to hold myself accountable for my health. Don't get me wrong, it's a bitter-sweet pain—but as tough as it is—it's one of the most rewarding feelings. In a way it solidifies my dedication. It's at that moment, when I'm getting out of bed, that I realize every uncomfortable joint in my body is working for the better of my years. I have a lot to live for and that in itself makes me tough; it gives me drive and motivation.

Today is my birthday and I'm eating cakenot to say I never eat cake—but today I'm relishing the moment. I love to eat and I make no apologies for it. Food is one of the greatest pleasures God gives us and I enjoy every minute of it. But with each bite I take, I workout even harder because for me, it's a give and take.

Here's the gist of what I'm trying to say, it doesn't take athleticism to workout; it's the fire in your soul to want it bad enough. It's that feeling you get when you see yourself in the mirror, and although your age says you're getting older, you look and feel much younger. It's not fun, but the results are forever life changing.

So today I started the day with my running shoes, as I always do. And by the Grace of God, I will end my day another year older; with the people I love, great food, chocolate cake, birthday candles, and my beautiful Cinderella heels—as I call themBECAUSE I'VE EARNED IT.

Seventh and Cherry™