I have a little secret.

I am obsessed with brown paper.

With Christmas around the corner—well, technically, it's still a few months away—I'm so thrilled to say hello to September.

I'm not sure what it is about this season but for some reason I wake up thinking fall. Fall for me is the best time of year. And while some of you may be thinking Labor Day and BBQ today. I'm skipping on through...

September, officially, begins the countdown to my favorite season. Cold, chilly weather. Hot cocoa and marshmallows. Scarves and boots and oversized sweaters or flannel shirts. Brownish, orange leaves gently lay, fallen, on the ground while the scent of pumpkin candles make their way all through the house.

And that's just the beginning...

As I start prepping my home for all things pumpkin, thought I'd reminisce a little further down to memory lane; last Christmas.

Long gone are the days where I spend money on overpriced, generic Christmas paper. Instead, I purchased a giant roll of brown paper from Office Depot and I allowed my creative juices to flow.

It's amazing what an inexpensive thought process can do for the smallest of things. A little twine, white stickers, recycled christmas cards and tree ornaments, or even a few pom-pom's. 

I hope I've inspired you into the new season. And if you like what you see, don't forget to check back soon as I embark on a new Christmas decor mission. I will share all of my new designs for twenty-seventeen and all of my holiday decor inspo.