The law of attraction isn't about wishful thinking—where you get what you want, simply because you wished for it. It's about using the power of your thoughts to manifest your dreams, your passions, your desires. The human mind is very powerful and it isn't until you realize this, that you understand: beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become reality. 

What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. And one way [I] achieve the law of attraction is through journaling.

I used to have 7 journals: MORNING WRITINGS, EVERYDAY NOTES, FINANCIAL JOURNEY, VISUALIZE THIS, TRAVEL DIARIES, DOODLES & SKETCHES, *THE MEN: This is the journal, that holds all of my thoughts, about every man I've ever dated, talked to, or befriended—that has in some way, shape or form, made an impact in my life. Good or bad, *if you have crossed my path, you may be in this book. 

But then I discovered bullet journaling and my life changed forever.

To keep it simple, bullet journaling is the act of condensing multiple journals into one journal. 

Now my 7 journals are compiled into one. 

Amaze yourself. It's really simple to do.

Buy a beautiful pen. Then write.

Why a beautiful pen?

I don't know.

For a woman, it's like wearing a beautiful bra. No one see's it, no one cares, and no one knows, but you know it's beautiful and somehow it makes you feel good when you wear it.


Manifest your thoughts by putting them into words. Whether it's about your career, your health, your love life. Success, finances, friendships, family, necessities in life, whatever it is, DON'T BE VAGUE! Be as detailed and precise as possible. 

Then sit back and watch what God will do in your life. He will transform the law of attraction in your favor. Some people call it "the universe" and that's ok because at the end of the day, God Is The Universe!