Dear Parents:

I read this quote and it made me laugh. It amused me because it's such a false sense of reality. ‬We really—CANNOT—do whatever we want. ‬

That's America right now.

It's an INVINCIBLE society filled with the mentality that you can do whatever it is you want to do, and achieve it.

And that's wrong! ‬

‪You cannot be a singer if you can't sing. You cannot be a super model if you're 5' tall. ‪You cannot be a professional football player just because you love football. Simply noted: while there are a lot of things you can do if you truly work hard, there's a lot of things you cannot do.‬

‪Parents, and educators too, need to stop feeding children's minds with misconstrued notions.

(i.e.) ...there is no such thing as a "PARTICIPATION" award. ‬If your child is getting participation awards at school—then parents—you are not doing your job. Because being "present" at something doesn't merit recognition—which pretty much indicates what a participation award really signifies.

Don't reward a child for simply participating, otherwise, he/she grows up feeling entitled because they "SHOWED UP".


Teach children to work hard in life; to follow their dreams but know their capabilities. And parents—stop putting pressure on your kids to be what YOU want them to be. If your child can't sing—better yet, if they (don't) want to sing—stop striving to make them the next Beyonce.

Most valid, teach your children that they [cannot] do whatever it is they want, but with a lot of hard work and serious dedication, they can strive to be EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL in what they are good at—if they WORK ON THEIR STRENGTHS.

Stop encouraging entitlement—because entitled children grow up to be disappointed adults. And disappointed adults look really bad when they throw temper tantrums.