Change is good, it really is, but as much as we all love to preach about change—life is built on routine.

We become so prone to what we do each day; as a result, many of us get stuck—without even realizing we are stuck. 

We settle for the wrong people. We say yes, when we want to say no. We've become bound by human beings, commitments and bad habits that aren’t exactly making our lives better. But because we're so used to doing certain things, routinely, we subconsciously accept it. 

Sad isn't it?

How many people do you regularly hang with who spend most of their time criticizing everything you do, from the clothes you wear to your career choices.

Or maybe a certain friend who seems to always have the perfect compliments for you, backhandedly.


...on people who take away from your life.

Cliché, maybe, but true.

The people you keep around—and sadly this includes some family—can suck up every ounce of good energy you carry. In their defense, and in some cases, they may not realize their ways—but you do—and you have the power to act and to react! 


Get up. Get dressed.

I get it, some people work hard and on their days off they want to do nothing but veg. Don't get stuck in a rut wearing clothes that appear ragged and dingy. Don't be that person at the supermarket walking around in pajama bottoms. And for goodness sake, comb your hair; even on your days off.

I read a book titled: 7 Habits Highly Successful People Do Everyday. One of the things that stood out for me was looking presentable. Even if you're out walking your dog or doing a quick milk run, always be prepared to stand out and present yourself in a worthy manner. It's good for the soul!



Truth is, we all have them.

I have a running list—at #17 as we speak—of bad habits that I need to break. From blogging too long, losing track of time and staying in bed longer than needed—to over-stressing about things out of my control—I have some work to do. 

People tend to make resolutions at the beginning of a brand new year. I say every day, is a new day to make yourself better. Reassess your life daily instead of waiting for the year to roll over.

When you rid your life of bad behaviors and pessimistic people, you make room for new things in your soul. That may even include—new love!