We live in a world where we make our lives seem so picture perfect. In fact, most of what we see on social media is set up. Women, for example—and maybe men too—will take an average of 10-20—maybe even more—selfies before they get that "one shot" that satisfies the ego. And guess what? That’s the photo we get to see! The one that looks like you are the most flawless woman around—and by the way—did I mention it's also the photo that gets captioned and hashtagged...


#NoFilter #DontHate

I'll admit, we all have great moments in life, it's not always lies and deceit. There really is such a thing as hard work and humble bragging. But many times those that are flaunting careers, boasting hard bodies and capturing outings with their besties—you know—living a pitch-perfect life.

Well, they say don’t believe everything you hear; I say:


Take my birthday shoes below, for instance. I could elaborate the price, where they were purchased and how a handsome man, on a white horse delivered them to my doorstep. Truth is, and what you DON'T see, is me tiptoeing on a chair, to get a perfect eye level angle because according to my DL I’m short. I'm 5’2”—5'1" if you ask my boys—I’m barefoot, in torn sweats, and a dirty t-shirt I picked up from the hamper this morning because I’ve been too lazy to wash. And did I mention the splattered bacon grease on my tee from this morning’s breakfast? My hair is a mess and I need to shower...

The bright, white background—that I could easily pass off as some fancy location—is actually my bed covered with a white sheet that is about to go into the washer because it’s dirty. My dog stands to the left, two stacks of dirty clothes—that by the way have been waiting 3 days for a good wash—sit to my right. 

You see, my point to this post is this. Social Media has created a giant, worldly monster! People pretending to have what they don't, spending money they really shouldn't, and lying to satisfy their inner-being… only to compete with the Jones'. When in fact, not even the Jones' have it.

I don’t care if it’s political families, actors, reality stars, lifestyle bloggers with pretty red lips and Ray Ban sunglasses or everyday people like you and me. Don't believe everything you see.

What you see... is what’s meant... for you to see. Nothing More, Nothing Less!  

Granted, I’m not saying everything people showcase is unreal. There’s actually a lot of truth, to a lot of things. The problem is that we've gotten so deep into what’s called fake-living, that the only thing that is actually believable these days, is the lack of authenticity in itself.

As for my birthday shoes, they're real. They’re called Charles by Charles David. I purchased them at Nordstrom Rack for $60. They’re absolutely beautiful and perfect for summer. And since we're being honest, I could have shown you a better view of what they looked like on my feet but I'm in desperate need of a pedicure and I just wasn't feeling it.