Or how about the one I saw today:

"I'm a classy, smart and nice woman who says ---- a lot."

NO, you're not!

If you have to use this word in your daily conversations, there isn't anything classy about you.

It's a useless word that isn't merited by any beautiful woman's mouth.

And if you are a woman who feels the need to post this quote—regardless of your age—stop trying so hard to appease the outside world, it's really not cute, or funny and class—is out the window. 

And if take offense to what I've said, read: EPHESIANS 4:29

Sometimes I read a quote, or a saying, and I shake my head, maybe roll my eyes and chuck a smile or two.

Yes, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!" but there comes a time when even Coco Chanel's words are overplayed. 

You have to admit, some quotes—as beautiful and great as they are—run their course. For instance,

"Happy Girls Are The Prettiest"

Audrey Hepburn was a wise, amazing woman, but this cliche'd quote has been played more often than not, and I have pretty much maxed out my love for the meaning.

While it holds true to form, because happy girls are the prettiest, let's move one.

But then there are those who say the most amazing things. You know, the quotes that give you chills or make your mind wander deep into your thoughts.

Simply put—eloquent, factual and real!  

"Find the others", Timothy Leary says, the other pieces of your puzzle. What amazing words.

There are no coincidences in life, this is true. I'm a firm believer that every single person who crosses your path, walks in for a reason; a purpose.

Think about it! There are millions of people in this world—most of which you will never meet. Then—THERE'S THE ONES YOU DO!

Whether they arrive for a day, or for a lifetime; whether it's a good experience or a bad one, God put them in your path for something.

I hope you find yours—because in life—there is nothing worse than missing pieces to an unfinished puzzle.