If only I could sit and tell you all about my past fishing experiences—you know the ones where I sit by the dock, maybe in a boat, basking in the sun, in a trendy hat, sans makeup, a beer in one hand, a fishing pole in the other and not a care in the world—but I can't.

In my defense, I'd probably love the sport [if actually] I took the time to learn it. After all, it's fairly simple, right? Well, at least according to Google anyway.


Google told me:

  • Tie your hook on your line

  • Attach your weights and bobbers

  • Bait your hook

  • Cast your line

  • Patiently wait quietly

  • Sip on your beer *ok I added this one

  • Hook that fish

  • Reel it in

  • Bring it in with a net

...and you've snagged yourself a big one.

But that's real fishing and not quite "the fishing" I'm talking about.

Recently, I read an article about men and women and the differences with both genders. The article itself was quite interesting but what actually caught my attention [wasn't] so much what was written, rather, the comments that were left by people who read the post. 


Sorry men, you're definitely easy to dissect. 

There are 3 types of men—fishermen—per se. 

  1. The first type is the man who fishes for sport.

  2. The second type is the man who fishes for boredom.

  3. The third type is the man who fishes for food. 

Let me break it down. 

Fishermen who fish for sport are infamously known as players. Their only objective is to get in and get out [pun intended] with no qualms whatsoever. They carry no moral obligation to any woman. And they're not subtle in their desires by misleading a woman. They shoot straightforward and often times their reputation speaks for itself.


Fishermen who fish for boredom are the non-committers. Unlike the player who is viewed as a jerk, these men really are nice. And while they mean well, their intent isn’t to put a ring on it. This man is the one who treats a woman like his queen. He's good to her, well, until he finds his next quest and dumps her faster than a hot potato out of the oven. 

Fishermen who fish for food hold the golden ticket. This man is a keeper. He fishes for a woman, not women, a [woman] as in singular. He’s patient in his search and quietly waits for the right one; somewhat like fishing, wouldn’t you agree? This man is monogamous, and although he may not be looking for marriage yet, he will be faithful to the one who catches his bait; and that is a good thing—because we all love food.