They say there are 2 sides to every story.

There's not!

There's 5.

Your side—because of course.

Their side—because they want one too.

Familia—because we all have them.

The public—because even people who don't know anything have something to say.

And then there's the truth!


In generations past, was a simpler life. And while gossip has always been around, there was a time when gibberish talk existed—then died.

These days everyone forms an opinion and those opinions grow faster than weeds. They all have something to say. Whether it belongs in their mouth or not. People are crazed that way. 

It's an adrenaline. It's a disease. 

Rule of thumb so there's no confusion.

Mind your own business and go about your day. 

You can't enable bad behavior and then wonder why people stray.

Friendships are lost. People get hurt. Tell the truth in the beginning and you won't have to explain.

Four plus one equals five. Isn't that a shame? Five insane sides to every story, yet we find others to blame. 

We point those fingers at everyone in sight. When the finger should point at you, isn't that right?

Five sides? Why? When there should only be one.

Kill the tongue.

And you're left with none.