• I've learned forgiveness—whether for myself or someone else—to forgive others brings peace in my life.

  • I've learned patience

  • I've learned that not everyone has the same heart as you.

  • I've learned that a few kind words can make someone smile.

  • I've learned that no matter what I do or what I say, some people will not like me; and that's ok.

  • I've learned and mastered independence.

  • I've learned that I am not  always right. 

I am who I am today with every good deed I've sown, every mistake I've made, and every lesson I've learned. And I love who I am, every piece of me.  

I am extremely grateful for the people who surround me. And to those that support me through my journey, I'm thankful for you. Always tell the people you love how important they are to you and how much you love them because… life, on this little blue planet, has an expiration date for us all.

Last week I turned 47.

I don't think I look 47. And I don't feel 47. In fact, I really don't know what 47 should be, but it's here, I'm here, and by the Grace of God, I'm another year older. 

I'm not the woman who denies her age, I embrace it. 

I found myself reflecting back to my high school days; the days when I used to think 30 & 40 sounded ridiculously old. And here I am, surpassed those days and yet—not feeling old at all.

I still remember daydreaming about where my life would be by the time I was 30—because at 18 that's what we did, we daydreamed. And although my high school "daydreams" never evolved, I've learned a lot through each passing year. I grew up; mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I've lived and I've learned.

  • I've learned that in order to be happy, I have to distance myself away from people who aren't; that includes some family.

  • I've learned to enjoy every minute, of every day and not allow anger in my life—for strife only hurts me in the long run.

  • I've learned that bringing joy to other people, brings even more joy to me.

  • I've learned that some people—even those you love—will disappoint you.