When it comes to things I love, reading is something I truly enjoy.

I had my eye on #GIRLBOSS for a long time before I bought it. It's been out since twenty-fourteen and I couldn't tell you why I hadn't read it before then, but I eventually did and I've been the proud owner of this beautiful hardcover since April.

And although I've read it from cover to cover, at times I find myself re-reading excerpts out of it because it's that empowering.

Recently, I read a blog post talking, somewhat negative, about this book—and maybe I should rephrase that. It wasn't aiming the negativity toward the book itself, rather at the title of the book.

As I continued reading the post, I kept wondering why some women focus so hard on dissecting the smallest of things; only to make something big out of nothing.

If you ask me, this is the difference with men and women.

This is the reason why women complicate things.

And this is the reason why women give other women a bad name. 

Her argument: The Word "GIRL"

She took offense to the author, Sophia Amoruso, adding the word (girl) to the title because—according to her—it devalues a woman's worth in Corporate America. She felt it should have read #THEBOSS because women are equal to men. 

So let me break it to you gently.


This is a debate that will carry on to the end of time but the fact is, we're not. Yes we are equal in many ways but as a whole, it's not feasible. That is not the way God intended women and men to be. 

While I completely understood her message, I also felt a distinct bitterness in her words at something that wasn't merited.

This is the idiom that some may call a mountain out of a molehill. Rather than enjoying the book and it's empowerment, she interrupted the process with her feminism beliefs, over nothing.

Why some women feel the need to nitpick things that don't need nitpicking, I will never understand; it's their prerogative I suppose. Nonetheless, I'm not going to spoil the meaning behind this amazing book—because of a word.

Mentally, I'm stronger than that. I'm more focused on learning than being bitter. In fact, truly strong women know when to throw punches and when to roll with them.