Every morning I wake up and I read my Bible. I drink my coffee with half n' half, no sugar, two slices of raisin toast, slathered with creamy Land O'Lakes butter. It has truly become my morning ritual.

At night, as I get ready for bed, I always prepare my coffeemaker for the next morning. I can't tell you how giddy I get at the mere thought of coffee and toast the next day. It's the little things, you know?

And if you're anything like me, by now you probably have your typical morning routine. 

I don't use an alarm, my internal clock runs on repeat and by 5 a.m., Monday-Sunday, it auto-wakes my brain. I open my eyes, I pray and I talk to God.

Finally I'm up. Coffee's brewing. I run each morning so I throw on my workout clothes, pull up my hair, brush my teeth, soap up my face and out the door I go to walk the dog.

A short while later, Zoey & I return to a quiet home, and it's at those exact moments that I'm reminded of my blessings; the smallest of the smallest are the biggest. 

I grab my first cup of coffee, butter my toast, and I sit. I sit and enjoy the moment, as the sun rises. I meditate and open my Bible.

But today for some reason, I took a routine-turn.

My coffee was super hot so I begin to look around for something to place my cup on. If you've been to my home, you know it's filled with books and books and more books—I love to decorate with books, what can I say.

I grabbed the nearest hardcover, placed it over the edge of the sofa and sat my coffee on it.

As I sat to enjoy the moment, I glanced over at the book I'd chosen and read the title: LIVING BEYOND THE LIMITS by Graham—and it intrigued me. Here was a book that had sat on my bookshelf for approx. 6, maybe 7, months and I'd never even noticed it.

You see, I love books and every chance I get to scour the shelves for my next read, or for books I find on sale that can be used as decor for my home, I take it.

Apparently this book caught my eye, as it now sits on my bookshelf. And since it blended well with the other books I had purchased, months prior, I didn't give it much thought other than it making a good conversation piece for my living room. But today—A HALF A YEAR LATER—this book caught my eye, yet again.

So I picked it up and opened it as my fingers randomly led me to Chapter 6, GOD CAN USE A CHICKEN.

It was a story about how God can do anything with His infinite powers, to get your attention, even with a chicken.

The author retold a story of a kind, generous man named Sami Dagher, who lived in Lebanon.

One day Sami was driving the streets of Beirut when he stumbled across a Syrian officer who was hitchhiking. As dangerous as it felt for Sami, he took a chance and gave the stranger a ride. As he drove away, he begin talking about God to this strange man. When it was time to drop him off, Sami felt he had so much more that he needed to share, so he invited the officer over for lunch. He wasn't able to give his wife enough notice so he stopped by the nearest store for chicken.

A Rotisserie Chicken lunch. 

The story went on to talk about how we as Christian's have a moral obligation to be kind, thoughtful and generous, just like Sami. And in the process of being good samaritans, we open the door to God's word.

So Sami continued to share the word of God with this strange man as they had lunch. But for some reason, the man didn't seem interested. He finished his food, said his thank you's and off he went, never to be seen again. 

Years later a young Christian dentist decided to open a practice in the area. And although he wasn't close friends with Sami, they knew each other because Sami had preached at his church.

Christianity was forbidden in most parts of Lebanon so word soon spread of this young Christian dentist and his beliefs. Unfortunately for him, he was soon taken into custody for interrogation on his love for God.

Here is the beauty of this story!

The head officer in charge of interrogating the young dentist was the same officer Sami had given a ride, and lunch to, several years prior.

You see, in life, it all comes full circle.

The officer asked the dentist if he knew a man in Beirut named Sami Dagher. 

When the officer found out the young dentist did indeed know who Sami was, he proceeded to tell him the story of his chicken lunch with Sami and how he had never forgotten his kind generosity. He then released the dentist and allowed him to continue his Christian dental practice. 

Without even thinking, I begin to read more and more, and the more I read, the more I wanted. Two-thirds of the way through Chapter 6, I realized I was reading a book written by Franklin Graham, one of my all-time favorite evangelists. And if you follow me on social media, you know how much I cherish Mr. Graham's wisdom because I'm always retweeting his quotes and sharing his message. 

My gosh how could I have missed it?

A treasured book, filled with Franklin Graham's knowledge and wisdom, in my possession, and I hadn't a clue. But God is ever so mighty and when He so chooses, He can and He will get your attention; any time, any place, any way.

Maybe with chicken, or just maybe...


God doesn't work on luck or coincidences. For some reason He chose today, to show me a book, that sat in my home, for over six months, and I didn't even know. Is there a message for me in this book? Maybe!

And although I thought I was very self-conscious of the little things in my life, hence the beginning of this post, maybe I still need work. Maybe the message is that I need to pay more attention to the things, or even the people, in my life. For it's the tiny, little things that turn out to be the biggest.