I used to think that the ability to turn back time would be the greatest possible gift—so I could undo all the things I wish I hadn’t done. But grace is an even better gift, because it allows me to do more than just erase; it allows me to become more than I was when I did those things. It’s forgiveness without forgetting, which is much sweeter than amnesia.

For me, the words above reiterate things in my life. Things I've done, that I know are/were wrong but I did them anyway. It puts things into perspective; even the smallest of things. 

Life, for me, at this moment in time, is very blissful, content and peaceful.

I've had a few instances and situations, in the past, where things didn't go as planned. That is what life is, you win some, you lose some and sometimes people get hurt. 

Or I've said some things, maybe I shouldn't have. Whatever the circumstance, regrets are not part of the package. I have a voice and I'm going to use it, a little less harsh maybe, but I am who I am.

My biggest learning experiences come from mistakes. But I do own them as I make them and then I quickly move on. Sometimes it takes a fall, no matter how hard, to open your eyes and realize one of two things:

  1. what you're doing is wrong; as in the present

  2. what you've done is wrong; as in the past


These are my thoughts today as I sit and write...

To focus on good things, let go of the not so good, allow myself to go on a date, or two—because yes—for a while there I stopped this part of my life too. I don't know if it was because I was holding out for the right man—I know he exists, I know they're not all bad—or because I was afraid of getting hurt, or maybe even both, who knows. All I know and what I've learned is this:   

Saying no to living life, outside of my family—my comfort zone—or staying stagnant in your life because it's the safe thing to do, isn't always the best thing for me.

Dating men has gotten a bad rap. To put it simple—men can be jerks and sadly, even the good guys pay the price for these douchebags. But going out on a date isn't that bad. And saying no is something I need to stop doing. If I'm holding out to keep from getting hurt, I'll never go out because people hurt you everyday. It's how you handle the situation.