Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful feeling to be thought of on fun days like Valentine's Day but guess what— if it's not happening this year, for you— get over it, get up, get dressed, smile, laugh and enjoy your family and friends because Valentine's Day is just another day.

I, on the other hand, spent my day as productive as possible. The day started with red velvet memories and my beautiful kids. We made pancakes using food colors— which by the way— can be really finicky and a bit dramatic, but in the end we made unexpected ombre´ pancakes and they turned out to be ridiculously fun.

Earlier in the month, I came across, what I proclaimed as the perfect February goodie. Sprinkled Coconuts— the name, in itself, makes your eyes happy, right? Anyway, it's Valentine's Day, what better way to spend the afternoon than baking these pink velvet beauties.

When life gives you unwanted or unexpected lemons, don't mope, do what you love and spend time with those you love. 

Happy Valentine's Day.