Without a doubt, a man's actions speak ever-so-loudly. It's the age old advice that actions speak louder than words; and when it comes to romantic interests, I've seen it all. So brace yourself because I am about to get very cliché...

Women overthink, they second-guess and continuously over-analyze situations that have no merit. They waste countless hours wondering in anxiety for the unknown called love... and it couldn’t be more counterproductive.

Truth is, if you're having to determine whether or not he's really into you, then the answer is no, HE IS NOT.

When a man is truly interested, there is no question, no wondering, no self-imposed anxiety trying to figure it out. You won’t have to question the situation, it will be obvious because his behavior will tell you everything you need to know.

And when the answer is no, accept it...

Stop making excuses for him! Stop whining to your friends. Stop sending him text messages that don't get returned! Stop leaving voice mails that never get answered because at some point you have to open your eyes to the reality that you've become more of a nuisance than a desire.

The fact is “he’s just not that into you” and rather than being a pest, you should be thanking him instead of pushing yourself on him.

And yes, I said thank him.

Thank him because he didn't lead you on for his selfish purpose. He didn't awaken the heart only to use you for sex. He didn't knowingly take advantage of your vulnerability. He had no interest and chose to walk away. And as hard as that may be for the ego, you should be thankful.

He is living his life, stop letting him get in the way—of you—living yours; because you're giving him too much POWER!

In the end, it's about you. What you believe in. What you stand for. Simply put: don't compromise yourself for a man who doesn't want you. When you stop looking for "him" —and I mean truly stop looking—that is when you finally find him, the right man. And until then, don't whimper or cry about it, he's made himself clear. Forget it. It's over. Move on. Smile because it happened, and hopefully, fingers crossed—because you learned.