We have all experienced certain times in our lives when we get tired of the daily. We overload our work schedules when we no longer can. We compensate for others to please the world. We say yes too often, when we should be saying no.

And eventually we melt-down.

We wake up one day, unmotivated and maybe unfulfilled. We're confused with the uncertainties of life and what we've created of ourselves. We don't really want to talk to anyone; we just want to be left alone, if just for a minute, an evening, a day, or as long as necessary.

People will notice your distance but will feel clueless to the sudden change. You won’t understand what’s going on, but the mind will know. And it's at that very moment when you unplug. No explanations, no deep reasoning, you simply let go.

You will search for a space of silence in this noisy, chaotic, fast-paced world. You will detach yourself slowly from people and start living without them. You will shake off negativity. You will disconnect.

Coffee and music will be your comfort as you shut off the world—because it is then that inactivity takes place.

This phase in your life is called hibernation.

And it is very normal. 

You see, eventually we all get tired. The hustle and bustle of everyday living becomes a burden and we need a temporary shut down. Your body will slow things down to reinvigorate the mind. You will search for purpose and life for your soul. And once you are done—you will know—because you will be ready to live again with a newer and better version of you.


When I first read the book "PRESENT OVER PERFECT" by Shauna Niequist, I couldn't believe—for a second—the words I was reading. I'm a huge Shauna Niequist fan so when I purchased this book, over a year ago, immediately I read it. Since then, I have been inspired by it twice, with a third read as I sit here and write.

This book is powerful. It's a book about people-pleasing, burn-out, self-finding, living simpler and leaving it all behind. And although the author is female, I think both men and women can empathize—because we all need to find peace at some point. 

Funny, we live our lives in a constant mode of "only me"... "things only happen to me"... "how can this be happening to me"... "why me"... but oh my darling dears, you are not alone. If you have a minute to shut off the world, HIBERNATE and curl up with a good book, Present Over Perfect is my choice for you. Because at some point in life, you will have to accept the fact that you are not perfect, but in the present, you can be happy.

If my words haven't inspired you, I hope this book does, happy reading...