In every group of women—whether your girlfriends are long-timers or a new group of women meeting up for the first time—there's always 'the one' in every group who, somehow, seems to balance work, kids, the gym, her home, pretty much all things life—and still has a warm, welcoming apartment or home when people stop by to visit.

How does she do it?

Easy, it's all in her strategy. Of course you have to be organized too, and by organized, I don't mean a neat-freak, perfectionist. What I mean is: know how to utilize strategic living.

Here are the things—on my list—a woman should always, always, always have in her home. 


Basic Necessities:

  1. Candles—inexpensive tea lights are my favorite.

  2. Filtered Water—nothing fancy, just good water.

  3. Coffee & Tea's—a must.

  4. Wine—because wine.

  5. Fresh Flowers or Greenery—my preference.

  6. Snacks—to po.

  7. Go-To Playlist—you need background noise.

  8. No-Bake Desserts—quick sweets are the perfect table setting.

  9. Conversation Pieces—always have something to talk about.

  10. Whole Roasted Chicken—ready to pop in the oven, in the spur of the moment, when unexpected guests arrive.