Yesterday afternoon, I was told I looked drained and exhausted.

And I was, I really was; not because I had a hard day at work but because physically, my body was giving out. 

You see, every weekday, I wake up at 4am, I’m out of bed by 4:30, and at the gym by 5.

I knock out a good 45-50 minutes of cardio and/or weights. I’ve been doing this for some time now; and I do enjoy it—once I’m in the zone.

I’m a morning person so it’s not hard for me to get up, but here lately, my efforts don’t seem to be adding up.

I tirelessly work my butt off at the gym but the scale doesn’t seem to fit my efforts. It’s very frustrating! And I can see why people give up! Not justifying “giving up”, per se, but I can understand.

Nonetheless, my workouts and sadly, my lack of sleep finally caught up to me yesterday.

I was left with zero energy, dehydrated and a bit disappointed. So much so, that I didn’t even realize it until someone pointed it out to me.

So this morning I decided to give myself a break.

I skipped the gym and allowed my body an extra 2 hours of sleep.

Let me tell you, that made a huge difference. I woke up feeling great.

So great... 

I ripped my sweater and had to selfie about it.

And yes, this is how I started my morning but I didn't care because I felt rested, happy—ripped shirt and all.

MORAL! Sleep is everything, rest is good and sweaters, well, let's just say sweaters shouldn't be overworked either.