It's Monday! I spent my day doing things that made (me) happy.

From my morning workout to painting abstract art. And while my art may be meaningless to some, I love it.

I ordered a beautiful headboard for my queen bed so my abstract creations will fit perfectly over it. 

But as I waited for the art to dry, I took some time to reflect on me, how much I've mentally grown and what life means for me today. I won't pretend to have all the answers but I can tell you this: I've learned to appreciate my time, to value my standards as a woman and to love the person I am today. And although I still stumble, I truly do love me.


The power of being a strong woman who knows how to live—not only alone—but in a world filled with people who can suck the good, positive energy right out of you. I'm ok with that—now—because I'm not easily defeated anymore. But I also love the simple things in life.

I love my bedroom. I love my bed. I love everything about it. And as I spent time in my room today, these are the thoughts I focused on: The biggest promise you can make yourself is to love your life and live it well.

Doing what makes you happy—at times—be difficult when we live in a world that is constantly telling us what we should do and how we should live. 

When you feel like the world pulls you in—that is when you turn to God for super-strength.

Strength to keep you humble.

Strength to keep you grounded.

And strength to keep you in-line.

The world is just the world. But never forget...

You are in this world, not of the world. – John 15:19