...per se on social media or through mutual friends. Maybe this person was a memory from your past and you hadn't seen each other in 20 years, but in an instant you knew there was a connection.

And so it begins.

You get to know each other [over time] via texts and phone conversations.


Without visually seeing one another, would expectations exceed far greater in person?

Is it possible to fall for someone's voice, their personality, their character, their charm, rather than the physical?

And if so, what happens to that spark if that person turns out to be different than what the mind envisioned? After all, the mind, as beautiful as it is, is a tricky thing. At times, even conceiving notions that may be more of a fantasy than a reality. 

It's the place where imagination lives, they say. 

But should you be so gullible? 

Or could it be such a journey, surreal maybe?

I mean it's crazy to think that someone, who was a mere stranger, could instantly mean the world to you. And neither time nor distance could separate you anymore. It feels right. It feels real.

Years from now [today] will be our past; a past that will be our story. A story of long days and lonely nights, hard work and very little sleep. But through the chaos, if we learn to live each day as intimately as possible, you know, letting things fall where they may. Embracing and appreciating people who cross our path. Realizing the blessing of their existence in our life, rather than questioning it. And finding solace in the promise of having a future. Oh what a story that will be...