Last week, I sat in my room thinking about a tweet I read from a gentleman I follow, who I happen to admire. I don't know him personally but I do keep up with his tweets because he's about "fair game"—with both men and women. I love that. A man who can understand and empathize with both genders—that's rare.

However, his tweets about "men being simple", blah, blah, blah, were a bit off. And it got me thinking. When it comes to dating, I think men get too much credit. And that's our fault ladies. 


Women are constantly told "Men are simple, if he wants you, you will know!" When (he's) ready, (he) will tell you. If (he) wants it, (he) will chase you. If (he) desires you, (he) will show you. And by believing the hype, we give men that power. We play their game.

Now before I say anything else, mental note fellas. I am not here to act like a tough, feministic chick—that is not who I am. But I will set the record straight. 

In this day and time, women don't need a man, they honestly... just want one. Like women—men are a dime-a-dozen. And it doesn't matter what cloth you're cut from, we have our pick of the pull too; smart women knows this.

So the next time you encounter a woman you really like—show her you like her. It's that simple. Don't pretend or act stupid. Don't awaken a woman's heart, only to play with it. Stop making women feel as if they have to compete for your attention. And for goodness sake, stop making rules that have no validity.

Needy women will patiently wait for you to tell them when (you) are ready. If you are interested. If you like them. Sadly, in their mind, you're their only answer, so they tolerate. Strong women play on a different field; a different level.

And contrary to what you've heard, strong women aren't as tough as you may you think—we've simply become numb to your charades. We're tired of being told what a 'man' wants. Tired of sitting back and watching the "man's game" unfold. It's exhausting and predictable. And oh, if you're reading this post, thinking "That's why she's single!" You are absolutely correct. I do not need a man that bad!! 

Tolerating men who treat you as if though you are on their clock, is the worst thing a woman can do for her self-worth. Needy women are easy to manipulate. The rest of us, well, we're getting on with life, focused, driven, leading and maybe even painting our nails. Don't be intimidated.

If you're a strong man, go out and handle a strong woman. And oddly enough, if you don't play, you win. It's effortless and painless boys. Change your ways, change the outlook. Until then, you'll just be boys.