I can sit here and sugar-coat my words by telling you that every time I have a bad day, the super-woman in me makes lemonade but I'd be lying.

Plus that would make me perfect and that, I AM NOT. I screw up from time to time; really I do. And as much as I love making lemonade, life has a way of making us all feel horrible about our bad days or the mistakes we make.  

Have you ever gone to the gym, worked out super hard, only to drive-thru the nearest burger joint for a bacon cheeseburger? Or maybe you said something you shouldn't have but you couldn't take it back? How about getting involved with a man you knew—in your heart—was wrong for you, but you did it anyway? 

If I told you I hadn't done any of those things—I'd be lying.

The first step to making lemonade is learning from your bad days and "owning your mistakes". We all screw up! When you're wrong, own it and then work hard at not doing it again. 

I do own my mistakes, every last one. I work hard at bettering myself every day. I'm a strong woman, with an (unapologetically) strong voice but sometimes I do have to take a step back and think about what I've said or what I've done. 

Never be too proud to admit when you're wrong. And never be too prideful to apologize when you do wrong.