If you ever hear me say "long story short"... go ahead, have a seat; please and thank you. Because I don't really know what that means.

Every single day I write.

I've written so much in life, I could probably transition it into a book.

There are things I've written that will never see the light of day, personal things, you know. Things I'm passionate about. Things I've experienced. Things I love, and things I hate. Things that need to be said. And yes, even things I shouldn't have said.

And every single day I tell myself: "Self, today you will keep a long story short." But you see, I have fingers that speak for themselves, so it's a rarity that I listen.


I love to write.

I love to empower and educate. Inspire and encourage. I love to motivate and push.

It's a fast-paced adrenaline that consumes me.

It's a leadership quality I possess and I—unapologetically own it.

But would you believe it if I told you—in person—I'm more introverted?

Yup, that's right!

I've become nonchalant to worldly noise. I'd rather stay in than go out. And given the choice, I'd choose bare feet over heels. I'm more observant of things I see and reserved with things I hear. I pay attention to people. I feed off body language. And in a room full of humans, I quietly infuse the actions of those around me. In fact, I can even read people by the things they say and do on social media. ...no it's not magical, we all have these senses; that includes you. 

But when the dust settles and the sun sets, when my pen goes down and my laptop shuts, I'm quiet and reserved; I'm very private. Even my love life is off limits.  

However, when it comes to my writing—what I write, is what I want people to know, nothing more, nothing less.

I'm very witty with words, with everything I say, and what I write. If you read carefully [most always] you will find my subtle, sometimes passive aggressive, but mostly straightforward, kind tone.

People ask me why I like to write; my response is always the same:

How else can I talk so loudly, without speaking a single word?