One of my favorite things about writing is having the ability to reach out to people, it’s heartfelt for me.

I’m big on words, you know the ones that give a positive outlook on life? Granted, I’m very passionate too, maybe too outspoken at times, depends on who you ask. So sometimes my words can come across a little harsh.

Don’t over-think it; that’s never my intent. 

I’m straightforward; that’s how I write.

I don’t believe in sugar-coating anything, so either you like me or you don’t, either way I’m ok with it.

I’m not going to change who I am but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some type of inspiration off of me.

My close friends—both men & women— know this about me and honestly, I think that’s why we get along so well, it’s an in-sync connection that makes a great bond, very real.

When relationships are authentic, they’re super powerful. After all, how boring would life be if everyone in your inner circle always agreed with you? I'd call that an unrealistic sugar-coated reality?

When it comes to those I don’t know personally, I try and do my best to step into the role of a supportive voice.

My inbox has become somewhat of a bona fide and unexpected blessing. This is the part of my writing that I love—and that in itself makes it worthy.

Sometimes I have to really think about what I should say or what I should write… should it be something about how I’m personally feeling or should I respond with something inspirational that I feel people need to hear?

Nevertheless, it's something greater than me—that is working through me. Isn't that how GOD WORKS?

When you do what you love, you LOVE WHAT YOU DO.