As a faith-based career woman, whether self-employed or corporate, you need not look further than the Bible to guide your steps. Placing faith, at the footsteps of your career and foundation, is rare these days; not because women don't believe in God, but because this world has shunned The Lord in so many ways.  


As I read ACTS 16:13-15, a woman named Lydia appeared for a very brief moment; so brief, that if you're not paying attention, you miss her.

Lydia is depicted as a business woman. The Bible says she was a “seller of purple cloth”, and she intrigued me.


Here are the lessons I learned from Lydia:

ACTS 16:13

"On the Sabbath we went outside the city gate to the river where we thought there would be a place of prayer."

This verse tells me Lydia, gathered with other women and prayed. Prayer is so powerful and when we need answers and guidance in business, turning to God, through prayer, is the greatest form of communication with The Lord.

ACTS 16:14

"One of them, a woman named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth, from the city of Thyatira, was a worshiper of God."

Lydia was a woman who worshiped The Lord. This is important for women in the business world because it is through worship that we become Christ-like.

ACTS 16:14

"She listened and The Lord opened her heart to pay attention to Paul’s message." 

Her undeniable faith, through wisdom, knowledge and understanding, allowed her to open her heart to God. We need God to open our minds, to help us think, and make Godly decisions when it comes to business. And in order to sufficiently do that, we need to quiet our thoughts and listen to His word.

ACTS 16:15

"If you consider me a believer in the Lord, come and stay at my home."

Lydia was a woman of service. She opened up her home to strangers because she believed. In business, service to others is important. It's the service [you provide] that helps your business thrive. And in order to be successful, you must believe that God is with you always, even through your endeavors with others.

HOW BEAUTIFUL! Nothing inspires and empowers me more than a successful [business] woman—who loves The Lord. A powerful woman who is capable of maintaining a career—with God by her side—what an amazing woman she is

You cannot credit yourself for the flourishing works in your business. If you take credit for what God does in your life, God can remove what He does, and leave you with what YOU REALLY DO.

Give Him all the Glory—because it is Him, not you—and without God, you are nothing. Don't ever forget that!