When I was young, holidays like Labor Day meant family BBQ's, get together's, good food, family and friends.I remember my mom and aunt's talking about the menu and who was bringing what.

Well, a lot has changed since and we no longer have get together's on Labor Day. I don't know—maybe it's because we all live busy lives or far apart.

Nonetheless, I had a nice, productive weekend. But today is Labor Day and it's quite peaceful for me.

I'm spending the day alone, which I don't mind because alone time for me is when I either do a lot or I do nothing; as you get older you appreciate this time. 

Oh, I made cookies too... and yes... I may eat them all.

Happy Labor Day to you.

If you're doing the big BBQ, cheers to you.

If you're home alone, cheers to you too.

If you're out working, a BIG cheers to you in honor of today.

And remember, celebrate life each and every day because tomorrow you may not be here.

Choose to be happy; eat a cookie, hug someone, and smile... you're blessed.