The term mama's boy has gotten a really bum rap these days. And to an extent, I can understand why some men mock it and a lot of women hate it. There are mothers who are completely overbearing and out of control. Their interference is unacceptable, unpleasant, and should not be tolerated. However, that isn't indicative of all mothers and their sons. So I'm going to debunk the theory that all moms fall into this stigma. 

And break the sterotype that a 'mama's boy' is a bad thing. 


As a mother of two grown sons I'll be the first to tell you, my boys are mama's boys and I make no apologies for it. 

You see, when The Lord was creating my boys, He chose me to fulfill His mission. He entrusted me wholeheartedly. He handpicked me, specifically for them. And as their mother, it's a special bond I cherish. 

When the boys were little, my job was to love them and teach them, lead them and guide them. Many days I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but I did it anyway. These were some of the bonds that begin the closeness of my relationship with my sons. 

But here's the thing, once a son grows up, he has to distinguish the difference between the love of [and for] his mom vs. a man who refuses to leave his mom.

I pride myself in knowing that my boys, as close as we are and as much as they love me, are both extremely self-sufficient, independent men.

A good mama's boy is a man who grows up to love, cherish and respect his mother—forever keeping her close—but knowing the time, and the place of when to let go.

And I don't mean "letting go" permanently. I simply mean giving himself space, as a man, while he gets on with his life, but never forgetting the woman who lead him there. 

So to mother's everywhere, your job is to raise good babies into great, Godly men. And if your boys turn out to be good mama's boys, that's ok. Simply be respectful of their lives, and remember your boundaries as a mother.

Outside of that, if you have a mama's boy, or boys as I do, celebrateyou have earned that right!

And to my boys... 

I hope you always walk through my front door without knocking. I hope you always feel free to scour my fridge for something to eat. I hope you always come in and feel the weight of adulthood leave you. Because for you, my sons, my door, no matter where it's at, will always be home.