(PART 1)

I am a firm believer—and I preach this often—when it comes to decor, it's not money, not even skill, that makes a beautiful home—it's effort, imagination, and creativity. 

Effort because like everything in life, you have to want it bad enough. Imagination because, well, we're all born with it. And Creativity sums it up!

Creativity is born when effort & imagination are brought to life.


And when it comes to my bedroom, creatively simple is my motto and it's very personal.


My work desk, for example, was purchased from IKEA for $19. It's a heavy-duty white top, which I love, because it's clean and simple. My chair, too, is from IKEA and I believe it retailed for less than $15. (it's been a while)

My giant glass jar of goodies (top right) was purchased at H-E-B for $7—yup, and for you non-Texans, H-E-B is a grocery store. What was meant to hold cookies, now houses my nail polishes.

Always think outside the box!

My white sheer curtains also IKEA $5.

My gold and white pot (bottom left) also from IKEA $5—which originally came white. I added the gold to brighten up this five-dollar beaut.

My picture frame(top right) was from the dollar store and at $2 how you can say no? And the quote "Stop and smell the Roses" was printed off my computer.

Simple, huh?  

My books are all from Half-Price Books or where I always find a great amount of gorgeous hardcovers from $2-$10 each.

But the one thing that stands out most, that's not your typical bedroom decor... is my wall decor.

I've taken upon myself to accessorize my walls with the clothes I own, hence the ruffled LBD (little black dress) & the pretty lace top. While some people buy art for their walls, I use clothes for mine. I also stack denim on denim with heels—on shelves that hang on my walls with other shoes and handbags.


If you walk into my bedroom, at first glance you may think it looks fancy—but it's not dollars you see, it's imagination. 

Crazy what you can do when you set your mind to it.

Imagination and creativity will take you far, you simply have to put in the effort. I hope I've inspired you to dig deep into your imagination. Go into your closet and create some fun; because beautiful things weren't meant to be hidden.