I've created a lot of things throughout my life but one of my most favorite is a personal collection of symbolic tee's. Yes, can you believe that, I now have a collection. And as simple as they appear to you, they are the creative genius behind some of the choices in my life.

My CORAZON t-shirt—also known as my first born tee—was the reason I started personalizing shirts. Corazon means heart and heart means love; and so long as my heart is pumping, it will beat for you.

In case you wonder what each shirt means, my tee's (all) have a symbolic meaning or meanings in my life. I'm an emotional person, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I am. Future fyi, every time something affects my heart, whether good or bad, I journal it—and if it's something very meaningful to me, I put on a tee.

So if you pay close attention to my blog and the things I write, you'll see, each of my shirts mean something to my posts or to certain things that have happened in my life.

On any given day you will see me sporting my tee's. They're just a lot fun! Whether I pair one up with a blazer and jeans, a skirt and high heels or just lounging around the house in sweats, I pretty much live in them, and I love wearing them as much as I love creating them.


I used to date a guy who is a very a well-know DJ in San Antonio, Texas—'used to' are the key words which is why I now own a tee that reads: NEVER DATE A DJ!

Read it here >> That Disc-Jockey

What inspires you? What hobbies do you do for fun that motivate your soul? Whatever it is that inspires you, do it and have a lot of fun with it.

If what you do makes you smile, that's a great thing. If what you do makes your heart smile, that's an even greater love.