It's not called perfect, or perfection, or perfectionist, that's non-existent.

It's called aged-wisdom and inner peace. 


Push yourself to get up before the sun rises; even on weekends.

Push yourself to fall asleep before 10p.m. because that is the one thing most of us lack, sleep. 

Slowly ease away from processed foods, especially sugar. If it comes unhealthy or prepackaged, don't buy it. It's easier than you think. 

Get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast, every single day. Avocado on toast with coffee is one of my favorites.

Keep a water bottle, a glass or anything that reminds you to drink your water.

Buy a beautiful journal and a beautiful black pen—yes, they have to be beautiful. Write down everything you do from dinner to dates, appointments, assignments, recipes, coffee house visits and restaurant recommendations, people you need to call or a to-do list, quotes and inspiration, your manifesto and goals; pretty much your days on paper. It's good for the soul.

Keep your bedroom clean and organized. Never have unfolded laundry—whether clean or dirty—on the floor, on furniture or anywhere it shouldn't be. Clean your mirrors, open the windows, wipe down your laptop and work space, vacuum the floor, light beautiful candles, dust, wash your bed sheets with lots of fabric softener.

Keep your bathroom even cleaner. Always have a shower/bath area with your favorite hair products, scrubs, oils, moisturizers. Wipe your sink daily, keep your toilet sparkling and your floor free from debris and hair. Wash your rugs and spray a touch of perfume in the air. Keep your favorite playlist going and candles, yes candles too.

Go for walks. Take your dog, if you have one, your headphones and good energy; then smile at strangers, it's contagious.

Become the person you would ideally fall in love with so you can be at peace with your life.

Never let someone's bad energy affect you. If you feel the negativity, remove yourself from the situation.

Never allow your emotions to bring you down to someone else's level; for nothing is that important.

When sitting in traffic, rather than getting frustrated, learn to make it more of a free time to call your parents, let cars merge into your lane when driving, listen to your favorite podcasts, sing out loud to your favorite playlist, you'll be amazed at how quicker time flows.

Compliment people. Sit up straight. Look people in the eye. When you shake someone's hand, be firm.

Do all of the things you would love in someone else.