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Politics isn't everybody's cup of tea; quite difficult to understand at times and not very fun! However, it doesn't take rocket science to research, read, learn, listen to facts; to what people stand for and what they support and believe. THAT is why you vote a specific individual into office.

I've been reading the hate and vulgarity people write about our new president. For some reason, people get brave behind a keyboard. They let their fingers do the talking as they seek to kill and destroy with their words—what they don't have the guts to say in person. WELCOME TO AMERICA I suppose, but that isn't what surprises me.

What amazes me most is the number of people who HATE Donald Trump—BUT CAN'T LEGITIMATELY give you a reason why.

Sure they'll tell you what they've heard on the news because the media has done a magnificent job at destroying this man.

And while I won't sit here and tell you he's the perfect choice what I can tell you is this: The only difference with the indefensible things Donald Trump has said and done in his past vs. other men—is Trump got caught.

If in your lifetime, you have never, EVER misspoken or made bad decisions, degraded women—in some way, shape or form, made bad racist jokes to your friends, made fun of other people while in the privacy of a conversation with someone close to you, OR ANYTHING so undeniably foolish that could get you in trouble—then congratulations, YOU ARE PERFECT.

Stop there!!!

DON'T MISCONSTRUE MY WORDS—I am not and will never justify some of the things Trump has said or done in his past but to sit back and watch the hypocrisy of America, men and women, judge as if they can, is a sad lie.

I've made no secret that I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. I don't support her views or what she stands for, but if she was being sworn in as my next president, I'd respect. Like it or not, I would welcome her in as my new leader. I'd pray for her hand in doing the best for our country and I'd continue to pray for America.

The disrespect that some have shown Mr. Trump—from politicians and pastors to musicians and designers, and especially celebrities and middle America—is overwhelmingly inexcusable!

I hope and pray for crucial change because as citizens, it is our duty and moral obligation to respect America, our red, white and blue, our president.

And whether you like it or not, DONALD J. TRUMP IS (NOW) YOUR NEW COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.