No one can come between God’s plan for you. 

And God has a plan for you. 

He can give you the job without anyone’s permission. He can bless you without anyone’s approval. He can take you places where other people can’t go. He can fill your heart with someone you never expected. When something is meant for you, God will make sure you get it. 

When you hear the phrase, “God can move mountains!” Believe that GOD… CAN... MOVE… MOUNTAINS!


Here’s my testimony, just one of many, whether it was a struggle or a gain, in the end, it was my blessing.

Eight months ago I applied for an executive position I wanted immensely. I was one of [many] called in for an interview. After 3 full blown interviews—where I was seated in front of 3-4 directors each visit, and endless tests, I came toe-to-toe in a final showdown with another female. It was she and I as we were both called in for a 4th and final interview. 

At this point, I was mentally exhausted but certain I was going to ace it. I was filled with confidence and I knew the job was mine. I felt it!

I walked into my interview and a half hour later, walked out. 

In my mind, I had done great. And as the HR Director walked me to the exit, she said, “Thank you for coming in. We will notify the recipient by 9 o’ clock tomorrow morning.” 

The next day, I waited by the phone at exactly 9 a.m., and nothing. An hour went by. And then another. And then another. My heart slowly begin to sink. I mean, c’mon, who likes rejection, right? 

The day ended and I hadn’t heard back. I remember trying to stay positive. I kept telling myself that maybe, just maybe, they hadn’t decided yet.

The next morning I mustard up the courage to call human resources; I got voicemail. So I sent an email, but heard nothing back. It was like crickets in my ear as my gut sank deeper and deeper. 

The day after that, HR finally called me. I will never forget what she said: “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk with you. Please do not take this personal, as it was a very hard decision to make. But at this time we are going in another direction.”

I remember sitting in my living room. Looking out the window. And tears falling from my eyes. 

But at that very moment, something came through me. My tears dried up and I begin thanking God. I begin telling Him that I accepted the outcome because it wasn’t my door. I begin looking forward to the future, as hard as it was because I truly was sad. And I kept telling Him: “God, I don’t know why things happen or what my future holds. I don’t know why I was put through this emotional, mental roller coaster but I know there’s something better for me. And I know that everything happens for a reason.” 

As the days went on, they got better; time heals, right? And throughout my healing, I never said anything negative or bad about the company. I accepted what I couldn’t understand, and pushed forward. 

One week later, I received an unexpected email and it read: “Hi it’s “Jane” from HR. Are you available to talk about 10 a.m.?"

I stared out of that exact same window, where a week prior, I had cried. 

“Oh my gosh Lord, I cannot go through this again. If this isn’t my door, please don’t allow (man) to put me through this stress again.” I told God. 

Then I immediately called my boys. 

At 10 o’ clock sharp, my phone rang. 

Jane said: “I’d like to start out by saying thank you again for taking the time to see us. I know it was a long process and I hope you understand that our decision was based on corporate needs, and nothing personal. With that said, the candidate we original chose was the wrong one and we’d like to make you an offer, if you are still available.”

You see, it [was] my door to walk through, but before I could enter it, I was put to the test—a test of life. 

And I can tell you, when man says no, I don’t care who it is and how big they are, God CAN SAY YES. If you are loyal to Him, to His word.

When I didn’t get the job, it was tough but I didn’t get angry. I didn’t say negative things toward people, or life. I didn’t blame the world for my problems and I certainly didn’t fall victim to pitying myself.

I prayed!

I gave my heavy heart to God and He helped me. He knew the job was mine, He simply wanted to see if I knew it too—through my faith and perseverance. He believed in me enough to test me.

And here’s the bonus to God’s goodness. Because of how things turned out, Human Resources offered me the highest pay rate for this position. I followed God’s guidance and accepted His terms. And because I was obedient to Him, He—not Corporate America—rewarded me with more than I would have originally received.

No matter what your circumstance. No matter how impossible it seems. No matter what you are going through. From the biggest to the smallest situations, dilemmas, illnesses, problems.

When man says no, God can say yes, but first, we must listen with strength and obedience. For “What is impossible for human beings is possible for God.” —Luke 18:27