MEN, MEN, MEN, my favorite subject. I would love to write a book about you, but first things first, today I'm picking on you.

Last night, as I arrived home, I sat and wondered why some men act timid around certain women. So many women say, NICE GUYS don't exist anymore. And whether that's true or not, it does come across that way. And here's why!


Good men appear "non-existent" because they surrender their confidence to bold men. They're always denying themselves the things they want because they don't have enough courage to stand up. They play it safe because they're scared of rejection and lack self-will to go after what they want. Ever heard the saying, good guys finish last? Well, you do. And thatt's your fault!

In 2017, stand up and be bold. Be the man who faces his fears and gets the woman he wants. Even if you get rejected—because we all do at some point—DO IT ANYWAY. Keep doing it until you break that mental process that tells you, "You're not worthy."

Women flee from men who show lack of confidence, intimidation or fear—not nice guys. We don't run from nice men, we're actually looking for you; we just can't find you underneath your lack of self-confidence. We can't see you because you stand behind these so-called douche bags who—oddly enough—ARE THE ONES with confidence.

Ahh those douche bags, (insert sarcasm), gotta love 'em. They manage to egotistically, manipulate their way through a woman's heart with enough confidence that women fall prey. In the past, I've been guilty of this myself. They get what they want using pretty words and a confident smile. And in turn, they hurt good women and give men—all men—a bad name.

Men, you will never get what you want in life by being the "predictable" nice guy. And while there is nothing wrong with being nice—for me that is a turn on—a nice guy, WHO HAS NO CONFIDENCE, goes straight to the friend zone.

"THE FRIEND ZONE", a place that was invented because of you.

DON'T stop being nice. Genuine, nice men are sexy. Remember, we're looking for you. Instead—BE THE NICE GUY—who is confidently bold enough to finally step up his game and tear down those walls. Make your way. Mark your spot. You exist, we know you do. We just can't see you.