You know the phrase, “Be a nice human!”? It’s a very true statement that I actually live by. But there is one place where it doesn’t always apply, at least for women anyway— and that would be with Men.

As women, no matter how tough we act, we want the gentleman. We all want the man who makes us feel special, it's what women gravitate to— so in turn, we think men want that too— but they don't.

IN THE BEGINNING— men are simple! They're not looking to fall in love. They want good sex, good food, and/or a good time. And along the way, if they feel a connection, you will know it, because they will show it.

Men love to be challenged—whether it's a subconscious characteristic or even an ego thing—that's a fact. When it comes to dating women, it's all about the alpha-male complex. Sounds kind of male-chauvinistic, I know—I get it—but I don't know any man who gets excited with a push-over.

Listen, no matter how hard you've fallen or how bad you've been hurt, be thankful for the experience. As crazy as it sounds, one of the most rewarding things a woman can endure in her lifetime—is a heartbreak. It's a life-lesson that teaches us growth, wisdom & what not to do.


Here's what I say about dating a new man:

  • Don’t tell him you’re falling for him— so soon. Let him earn it. Make him fall for you too.

  • Don’t always be available. Even if you're at home doing nothing, it's ok to say no.

  • Don't ever act needy. A needy person is a turn off for anyone— men and women.

  • Don't get attached. If he's not calling you after one date, so what, keep your life going.

  • Don’t plan your life around his. You had a life before he came around. Remember that!

  • Don’t always be the one calling him. But if he calls you, don't play games either, answer.

  • Don’t make him dinner. Save your cooking skills for the man who earns your heart.

  • Don’t accommodate him. If he wants to see a specific movie and you don't, tell him.

  • Don’t be so eager to jump into bed. As hard as this is for some, don't do it!

  • Don’t buy him material things. A committed boyfriend is the one who deserves your gifts.

  • Don't ever beg! If a man isn't interested— let him go. Better to be single, than played.

  • Don't stalk his social media. We're all guilty of this, true fact— but if you feel like you just have too— don't get caught. Nothing more humiliating than accidentally hitting the wrong button and sending him a notification that you were there. Don't give him that satisfaction.

And one last thing. In your lifetime you will encounter all types of men. But there is one man, in my opinion— you may meet— that will stand out more than some of the others. (close your ears mom)

The a**hole!

This is the one who is upfront, with no filter, no manners, and a careless heart. And although he's a jerk, make sure and say thank you as you kick him out the door —at least I hope you kick him out.

The reason for the thank you?

He's the one that after a date, or twoclearly shows you, or even tells you to your face that he is not interested in you.

That, to me, deserves a thank you—even if it's a pretentious one—say thank you because he didn't lead you on. He may be the biggest douche-bag in the world, but he didn't pretend to like you, just to get what he wanted from you.

Looks, money, physique– none of that matters. In a way, he saved you from a possible— future heart break. And although it may have bruised your ego, it didn't crush the heart.

He didn't lead you on so don't get crazy and vengeful, cry or act desperate— gracefully say thank you, goodbye, and shut the door!