Hello and happy new year, or as I call it, "new year, new bra." 

I started my year with a good attitude. I'm traveling into 2016 as positive and energetic as can be. Twenty-fifteen wasn't as painful, as twenty-fourteen, but it had its moments. From relationship fails to wedding bells. The good, the bad and the ugly— and trust me, there was ugly— I survived it all.

Now, a new year has arrived and I can't wait to see what twenty-sixteen has in store for me. Maybe it's a new love, or a career high— whatever it will be— will be. Along the way, I'm tackling a new baby called a website and while it may seem like fun for some, it really has been a long, and at times, fearful process.

When a woman attempts anything in life, it's a scary thing. From the smallest to the biggest— even the most driven woman has her fears. When I decided to move forward from my little blog and carry forth with an actual domain, in my mind, the thought was very intimidating, but exciting at the same time. I will always be grateful to blogger.com for my little humble beginnings—but a blog and an actual domain are two completely different babies. Tomāto-tomato, some may say, but comparing the two is like comparing a blogger to a writer—equal in some ways but remarkably different.

It has been a long, stressful three and a half months. I've had countless sleepless nights; and days where I forgot to eat and shower—real talk. Building a website is a tedious and time-consuming process. It's one of those things in life that I would never have known, had I not experienced it. Nonetheless, I'm here and I want to thank you all for joining me on this new adventure. I truly hope you stay awhile. So let the journey begin as we say hello to the new Seventh and Cherry—oh—and my new bra.

S&C™ will definitely have many changes along the way but hopefully in time, it'll all fall into place. In the meantime, email me if you have any comments, questions or just to say hello, I'm an open book.