He's rugged you know, the kind of man that (seems) tough; a little rough around the edges and maybe even a bit intimidating.

...and yet somehow he's caught your attention.

He's not your typical pretty boy or the business man you find behind a desk, in a fancy office. He's not walking the streets of Wall Street in fancy suits and high-priced shoes. He doesn't care what society thinks about his fashion sense; and you either like him or you don't, either way he's ok with himself.

Yes, he's caught your attention but you watch from a distance and at first glance, you find no attraction, no connection. But there's something about him that keeps you intrigued. And although you can't quite put your finger on it—you just know—so you quietly keep watching.

Then one day, out of nowhere, he connects with you. You find yourself asking questions and second-guessing if it's right. You take a big gulp and begin to overthink things. A part of you tells you to stay away, he may not be suitable for you, after all, you come from different worlds; and both of you so different.

He carries that bad boy image, you know the one that says don't do it—while you—well—you're the girl next door. You're the one with the pretty lipstick, freshly ironed skirt and the handbag that speaks ever so eloquent.

But you find a way to quiet that inner voice and you take a chance. He intrigues you and you've never been one to shy away from piqued curiosity.

In time, you get to know him. He makes you laugh, he makes you think, he makes you see the world in a different realm—he makes you feel seventeen again. And it's at those very moments when you realize stereotypes are wildly misleading.

You see, life has a way of reminding us that a book should never be judged by its cover. And you soon realize his facade, his look, his demeanor, they were all a perception. For what the eyes see isn't always the reality—as he proves to be quite the opposite of what your society-infused imagination perceived. 

He defines the word gentleman to a T. He's the epitome of what you've prayed for, and you ask yourself, could this be real?

You've encountered a man whose cares aren't about your beauty. He isn't concerned about your outward appearance—which sadly most men look for in a woman these days. He wants to get to know you, the woman, which is something you've rarely experienced in other men.

Is he for real?

And oh the irony...

So rugged, yet so soft.

But he is... he's a teddy bear. And proof that we, myself included, need to be more open-minded to meeting new peopleWhen someone so wonderful walks into your life, what a blessing you have been given...

Next page. New chapter. The future.