Well, until, you've gone and blown up her phone with an excessive amount of unwanted text messages, and she loses interest.

Text messages are a great start to getting to know someone new. They actually kill the awkwardness of a first-time phone call, when you really don't know a person.

First rule of thumb, however, don't overdo it guys. 

Keep things short and to the point.

Your objective is to transition from texting to a possible phone call but you don't want to bombard her with too many texts. She doesn't really know you. If you really like her, remember your objective.

Too much texting also sends the message that you're content with how things are going. Listen, there is no guarantee she will wait for you to make the next move—if all you do is text. You may have her phone number and she may have liked you when she first met you, but other than that, you’re just another guy she’s given her number to.


When you finally get to talking, focus on the fact that she gave you her number. Women don’t give out their real number to men they don’t find interesting.

So let me congratulate you, you've made it to round two. The phone call!

When you talk to a woman, what you talk about is less important than how you make her feel—when you are talking to her.

Here’s what you need to remember:

As long as you focus on keeping the initial attraction alive, the conversation will flow smoothly and she will enjoy it. You never want to give a woman the chance to regret giving you her phone number. If you can maintain that sense of contentment, she will remain interested. And if a woman is interested, she will wait to see where you take things.

What you need to understand about women, and love—and this goes for all women, even those hard-nosed, feminists who'd probably disagree with me—is that they essentially follow the man’s lead in the beginning, if they're interested. However, if she finds herself constantly having to take the lead because you're too nervous or shy, or don't know what to say, your conversations with her will start to lessen sooner than later.

A woman gravitates to a confident, take-charge type of man—make no mistake—I said confident, not cocky or conceited.

And contrary to popular belief, women, even strong ones, all want one thing—they want to feel special and feminine.

Be yourself. Keep it real. And if you are a take-charge type of guy [in conversation] I can assure you, you are doing exactly what she needs. 

Next round...