If you haven't learned how to make yourself a priority, don't go looking for someone else to do it for you.

A relationship with yourself first, sets the tone for a relationship with another person.

This is why people fail—at love. They go into a relationship for all the wrong reasons; and then they stay for all the wrong reasons.

Whether it's loneliness, or sex, or money, or dependency, just as children can't make a bad marriage work, neither do other wrong things.


If you start broken, you stay broken. And if you stay broken, you'll end broken!


I was once that broken girl who hated everything about herself. I hated my face, I thought it was too round. I hated my lips and my eyes, because I thought they were too big. I hated my chin, even the little things like the mole I have below my lips. In fact, when I was in high school, I used to stupidly rub it—in hopes it would disappear. I hated everything about my face.

Today, I'm no longer her.

I'd be lying if I told you I am 100% perfect. However, what I am is a woman who can tell you, from experience, what it's like to self-destruct your own mind with negative thoughts. 


Learn to love yourself.

And stop looking for it in people, they can't give it to you.

Instead, amaze yourself by loving those little intricate details about your body, like moles—which by the way my mom calls sexy.

Go ahead, give it a try, love yourself! It may take a while, and you may be a work in progress but I can assure you, in time, you'll begin to believe it.