Yesterday was somewhat of a bittersweet day for me. I got to spend most of it with my waffle eating, dancing baby boy, which was the sweetness to my day.

But life, as we know it, happens—enter bitter.

Ezra is at the beginning phase of independence.

He's at the stage where he wants to start walking but isn't quite there yet so he's a bit timid and unsure. Yesterday he bravely let go, and in a blink of an eye, busted his little lip on the edge of a table. *side note: he's a tough little trooper; he is ok.

Fast forward, hours later, it was time for me to go home.

On my way out the door, I inadvertently dropped my cell on the concrete floor. I shattered the face of my new phone—from top to bottom, side to side and everything in between—I WAS DEFINITELY BEING TESTED!


Twenty, ten, even five years ago, I would have impatiently—maybe even angrily—stressed over this, and cried.

But I didn't!

Instead I took a deep breath and in a split moment gathered my conscious.

And in both situations, I prayed.

My immediate reaction was peace and calmness; none of which I take credit for.

You see, I have engulfed my life, myself, so deep into God's word that no one and nothing can bring me down.

Am I invincible? Absolutely not. NO! I have my days.

BUT THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, AS I ENHANCE MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD, HE HAS SLOWLY BROKEN ME DOWN; bit by bit, piece by piece, mistake after mistake. And nothing in this world is as important to me now, as a sound mind.

When you are ready to claim it, when you are ready for Him, when you are ready to give your life to God, He will be waiting for you. He will show you the way. He will show you the truth. He will show you the light. And it is then that you realize your temporary life on earth is really not that serious. 

Lips heal, phones can be replaced, but peace of mind, is a God-given gift.

Getting angry or sad, upset or disappointed, impatient or hateful with life, with people—with yourself—only hinders your mental state.

Instead, when bitter things happen—because that is life—resist acting on negative emotion. Ask God to help re-wire your brain for a calmer, more loving you. In time, you will learn to love that side of you too.

In my life, I pride myself in being a good role model to others. I pride myself in being a good role model to my children and especially in Ezra's life. Children are "learning sponges" and teaching them God's goodness begins with our behavior and our attitude. But in order to know the Lord's goodness, we have to seek it.

"Seek the LORD; Seek His face continually." —1 Chronicles 16:11

And although God is always there—He is everywhere—sometimes you have to do a deep-soul search for Him; a one-on-one spiritual cleanse.

You see, we live in a world where hatred lives boldly. Where conforming to a bad attitude and negative worldly behavior is easily adaptable. Refuse to be a part of the devil's chaos. 

Seek God! Seek His wisdom. Ask Him for patience. Yearn for His understanding, so when life brings you mishaps, you can squash each and every one of them with His promises.

"The Lord is near to all who call Him." Psalms 145:18

Search Him. I promise you, in all that you do, you will find Him! You simply have to want it bad enough.